You will value the BàO for its flexibility and professional approach.
Baogroup - le Bouche à Oreille © 2016
A charming terrace with cosy garden furniture, an outdoor buffet (BBQ corner) combined with the “Orangerie” and the bar: a perfect fit for a cocktail (100 to 200p)
The main hall contains a stage equipped with top of the line multifunctional audiovisual equipment (for presentations, concerts, DJ set, internal cameras …) Various configurations are possible: row of chairs (230p), cocktail setting (250p) or round tables (13 x 10p). It’s up to you to combine and design the scenery according to you personal wishes in order to please your guests (from 7 up to 77 and even more!)
Access to technical devices (kitchen, BBQ, fridges, oven … ) or audiovisual equipment (screens, projectors, mixing tables, lighting, microphones …) is only possible in common agreement with our staff and under their supervision.
We preferably collaborated with our own catering and can supply you with prices and menus. If not an access right to the kitchen and equipment has to be negotiated. The catering service provides the dinner drinks, appetizers, cocktail and all ready made meals, the cutlery and table decoration. They take care of the kitchen and room service during and after the dinner. The bar service after dinner is exclusively performed by the BàO staff.

Please entrust us also with the realization of the audiovisual covering of your events, so as to keep a memory of your beautiful moments in the BàO.
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